Cold sufferers most dislike feeling exhausted, but unable to rest.

60% of our deceased pets are cremated or buried in the back yard.

63% believe climate change is both real and a significant danger.

Apparently, New Year’s resolutions belong in a time capsule.

HOLY SMOKES, Batman!  72% have spotted six or more villains!

88% of us deck the halls with gifts for our four-legged children.

Almost 75% of retirees are busier now than when they worked.

Hurrah for the Pumpkin Pie!  A narrow victory over having it all.

All of us buy vacation postcards; only half actually send them.

Suicide is a very real threat for vets!  Please, watch their backs!

Margaritaville is the birthday place to be!!!  Sorry, monkeys.

Chocolate won the Halloween vote by a landslide.
But pass out a toothbrush to every (lucky?) 13th trick-or-treater!

100% prefer to sneak around when doing random acts of kindness.

86% support their local public radio station or plan to do so soon.

See-through plastic purses are clearly a NO-GO.

80% have unfinished projects; most hide them away in a closet.

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