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Just Joan in a Nutshell
Secret Universe of the Purse
Car Tweets
Whispers from Inside the Trunk
A Sapling in Spring
White Willow in Heat
The “Red Flu” Cometh
November Pines
Just for the Record
A Changed Man
First Open Mike
The Darkest Day
Straight Jacket
Wake Up and Smell the Exhaust Fumes
Bold Head Cold vs. Liquid Gold
Nearly Perfect
O Kidneys, My Kidneys
Fountain of Youth
You Are what You Eat
Romp and Circumstance
Who Am I? A Springtime Riddle
Noplace Else I’d Rather Be
Cleaning Up the Beach
Strobe Light Storm
The Way It Goes
Afternoon Delight
Third Time’s A Charm
The Beatitudes, Repurposed
Once in a Lifetime
Ruby Slippers
Hostess with the Mostest
A Place for Everything
Fifty Feet from Grace
Black Dog Walking
The Imposter
School Shoes
Rusty Wind
I’ll Bet You Anything
When We Really See
German Chocolate Love
Adulting on Halloween
Spectre in the Bathroom
November Day
Riding on a White Horse
Yellow Snow
Bright Spots
Resist, Rebel, Reclaim
The Writing on the Wall
Christmas Rush
Star Spangled Elegy
Blue From Running
It’s Not About The Suit
Open Letter to the Senate
Just Out of Brain-Washington
After the Change
Inspiration A to Z
Final Negotiation
Haikus about Pregnant Orchid and Fuchsia Sunrise
Afternoon Naps
Tufts of Fluff
Yellow Spring
Tulip Cinquain
Matters of Life and Death
Earth’s Ultimatum: Live Green or Die
Out in Left Field
Green Goddess
Imperfectly Perfect
The Pantoum
The Top and The Bottom
The Eye in the Sky
Waterslide Creek
Rhyme: Jam It or Slam It?
Negotiations in Eden
A Non-Couple of Kiwis
As the Sunday Paper Lies on the Driveway, Forgotten
Buyer Beware
Ode to Super Glue
Inside a Cat’s Head
Autumn Drive
Fall By The Wayside
Furnace Villanelle
The Bedroom Sport
Lights Out
Written in Stone
Midlife Hypochondria
Pewter Haiku
Christmas Tree Nonet
Legos, Legos
Flower Power
The Advice Not Taken
Reading Between the Lines
Night School
Caregiver’s Song
Life’s Never-Ending Process
How A Poem Happens
The Sound of Two Masters Yapping
Not for the Faint of Art
Sun Tea
At the Dairy Freeze
Illogical Fact
Hot Stuff
Invasion of the Stink Bugs
Booger, Booger
How Do I Love Cheese?
There’s a Poem For You
The Bean Salad People
The Passionate RV-er To His Love
Her Travel-Weary Reply
Stopping to Pee on a Moonless Night
Watch Cat
The Dentist
Mammogram in a Nutshell
Rust Belt City

Let There Be Peace on Earth
Halloween 1977
The Price of Being Beautiful
Things Worth a Double-Take
Rants of a Holiday Maverick
So, am I Living the Dream?
A Dog’s Letter to Santa
The Twelve Banes of Christmas
Three Wicks, One Candle
Taking the Bull By the Horns in 2016
Look What 2015 Dragged In
Earnest and True to the End
Punxsutawney Phil’s Secret Love Child
Lent “Lite”
Raising the Bar on Self-Sacrifice
An Extra Monday in February
When Life Gives You Mud…
Versatile Blogger Award
What About Bob?
RV-ing for Beginners
Intermediate RV-ing
Advanced RV-ing
Lessons on the Line
I Double-Dish Dare You
Too Pretty to Eat?
If You See This Bus A-Rockin’
Singing the Navy Blues
Just Grin and Bare It
Green Christmas Tips
Entertaining Angels Unaware
FahrverGremlin Mischief
The Scarlet Luddite
Rory’s Story Cubes
Rory Strikes Again