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Remember a few months ago when I posted about winning the Erma Bombeck Humor Essay contest?  I got word this week that, due to COVID-19, the awards ceremony is going to be conducted virtually on Thursday, October 8 from 7 – 7:45 pm EST on a site called Crowdcast.  Erma’s daughter, Betsy Bombeck, will give the keynote address and winners (including me) will read their essays.  You have to register at if you wish to attend.  You must provide your email address and confirm it by responding to an email they send you.  If you’ve always wondered what JustJoan looks like, now is your chance to find out.  I look forward to seeing all of you in the audience.

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Whew!  It has been a really busy week!
Hubby’s birthday
Our 29th anniversary
The neighborhood block party
A doctor’s appointment
Scheduling other appointments spawned by that appointment
Pursuing an idea for a new writing project
And on top of all that, we’ve added a new member to our family:

This is Peaches.  As they packed up to move to a new house along the highway, a dangerous situation for their outdoor kitty, our neighbors asked if we would take him.  He’s orange, which sealed the deal for me, with amber eyes, Gremlin ears, and a tail that’s fluent in sign language.  He is shamelessly affectionate.  He likes flannel and canned cat food. His first meeting with the dogs proved him to be lightning-fast, adept at finding hiding spots, and in possession of the most venomous hiss this side of the Mississippi.  Once he has visited the vet and recovers from getting snip-snipped, he will be allowed outside again.  I’ll post more poetry as soon as I have the time and inspiration to write it.

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I did a post about orchids in July, about a week after mine bloomed.  Those gorgeous flowers have lasted over two months.  This week, as they began to shrivel and die, I was feeling a bit depressed.  I’d have to wait a whole year for it to blossom again.  I grabbed my camera to take one last photo and as I zoomed in, I noticed something I hadn’t before:  two additional buds!  (See them?  Over on the left?)  Which means my intrepid little plant may still be sitting pretty on Thanksgiving…  one more lovely thing to be grateful for this year!


The second update is about Grace Norman of Jamestown, Ohio, the Olympic athlete who was the subject of my poem Fifty Feet from GraceGrace competed in the Paralympic games in Rio
in September.  She kicked butt, taking the GOLD MEDAL in the triathlon and the BRONZE in the 400-meter run.  You talk about a hometown girl making good!  Go, Grace!

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